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TOMORROW AND TOMORROW . . . . (Guest Article)

April 27, 2016



If I can get anybody thinking about tomorrow, my work is half finished. Tomorrow has its tomorrow and that day has its tomorrow, ad infinitum, ad nauseam. Well, almost. Not infinitum, because there comes one last tomorrow. That’s where we need to be thinking—that last day beyond which is but one eternal day. When we project to there, then today becomes so much more important, because that’s all we’re promised to prepare for the beyond. Today is the day of salvation. Not tomorrow.

Ask a child about his tomorrow. Play. Ask a high school senior about tomorrow. Maybe college. Maybe a job. And then? Marriage? And then? A career and family. And then? Kids off and on their own. And then? Retirement. And then? Grandkids. And then? Golden years! And then???

Few of us really like to think that far ahead. Today reigns. And there’s some justification for that. Jesus said, “Sufficient to the day is the evil thereof.” (Mt. 6:34) Which He added in relation to His admonition not to worry about tomorrow’s needs. God will take care of that.

And God prepares for our eternal and spiritual life also. But when we live only thinking of today, today can get so big it crowds out tomorrow. What must be done to get ready for tomorrow? What does God require of us today to enter into the blessings of tomorrow? Are you asking those questions today?

Tomorrow is such a handy place to store those matters that don’t seem to matter so much today. One day they will. A lot of things get lost in closets. Will your awareness of your spiritual need get lost in the closet of tomorrow? When tomorrow gets here, will you still care? Or—what if today is your last tomorrow? Today is the day of salvation. Preparing to meet our Lord in the air is never wisely put off. Don’t put your tomorrow at risk. “Therefore, you also be ready, for the Son of Man is coming at an hour you do not expect.” (Mt. 24:44)

Larry A. Shelley

(Larry Shelley hits the mark again)


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