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FAITH (Guest Article)

May 7, 2015

Faith is hard. Let no one deceive you. Believing, when your world says trust only what you can see and verify, is a trail uphill. Although you see evidence all around you, you have never seen Him; yet you believe. You  even believe that He spoke to men long ago, and, that He, through them, left you a record and a message of His will for you.  Not only that, you believe that he lives and loves you and is intimately involved in your very life; that he provides for you; and he leads you and trains you and even opens doors and shuts them. Yet you have not seen him.  A life of faith is not easy.

Job’s faith declared. “Though he slay me, I will hope in him.”  (Job 13:15a)

David sang, “Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for thou art with me.”  (Psalm 23:4)

Abraham, on Mount Moriah, except for the angel’s staying hand, would have slain the son that he so loved,   because of his faith in G0d.  (What kind of faith was that!)

Who can say that faith is not hard?

Faith persists when logic fails.

Faith holds on when what He allows surely says, “How could He if He is and loves?”

Faith justifies God when His ways pass understanding?

Faith walks on through the night too dark to show the next foot fall and trusts God to know the way and to lead the way.

Faith reverences God even when He leads in prosperity for who-knows-what reason except Himself and thanks him with readiness to follow on whatever yet nay be.

Faith believes even when arguments fail and the world laughs. You believe, regardless.

You may feel with John Newman’s hymn: “I loved to choose and see my path; but now –Lead thou me on.”   This is the life to which God calls you.  And, then, beyond that, to trust Him that a cross on a hill bore the Son Whose dying  seals your salvation and Whose return steadies your morality and keeps you going when base reason would turn you back. The life of faith is hard and sometimes beyond our explaining. It mystifies the world even as it  gives you assurance.


Larry A. Shelley

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