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December 13, 2013

TEXT:  “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.  I have sworn an oath and confirmed it, to keep your righteous rules.”  Psalms 119:105-106

We hear a  lot about  relationships today: marriage relationships, business relationships, school relationships, political relationships, “gay” relationships; sibling relationships and international relationships.  Every one of us is in some kind of relationship, and not just one. In fact, life is relationships.

Let’s remember that each of us has a relationship with God. That affinity, however, may be in good repair or bad repair, working order or disorder, strength or neglect. Most people affirm that they have a working agreement with God, when, in fact, they simply assume that that is so.  The movie character Crocodile Dundee stated what he thought his relationship with God was. He declared, “Me and Him is mates.” (A “mate” is one’s best buddy.)  That concept is way too far-fetched and un-Biblical to be true.

So what about your relationship to God?  Is it actual, or supposed by you? Do you expect God to bless you in this union without your practice and cooperation?  Does God “pay all the freight”, while you leisurely bask in the blessings? Does God just look in on you infrequently while you expect him to “look the other way” at the judgment? Is this relationship a fraud?

This sounds like a one-sided relationship. Would that make a good marriage? Business partnership? Baseball team? Now which partner, either you or God is fulfilling his duty in the bond?  

The one hundred and nineteenth Psalm is a treasure trove of wisdom about man’s affiliation with God.   It is clear that man’s relation with God is acquired and maintained through the means of God’s revealed, inspired word. It is not attained daydreaming under a tree. No guru can put you in touch with God. You can’t “figure it out” yourself.  God chose to tell mankind who he is, what man is, and what God demands of you.  “It is written in the Prophets, “‘And they shall all be taught by God: everyone who has heard and learned from the Father comes to me…”‘ John 6:45

So, if you intend to find out what God requires of you, where would you turn? Forget about all the other places you might be encouraged to seek God. Then focus on God!  ” Seek the Lord while he may be found: call upon him while he is near…”Isaiah 55:6   The Bible is where God is found.  Maintain your union with God by studying and obeying his commands. 

This world is a dark and sinister place which Satan rules (John 16:31), attempting to capture men, and overthrow God.  Darkness is the means of deceiving mankind. However, God is light (I John 1:5) as Jesus declared of himself. (John  8:12)   If we wish to know be in relationship with him we must walk in the direction of his word, the light. (I John  1:7) 

The author of the Psalm offers some directives for keeping your relationship with God intact using his word.

First, recognize the word of God is the light that orders our association with him. Arrange your life by its exclusive authority.

Second, make a solemn pledge with God to study his word every day. Do not break your pledge. If you get behind, catch up. If you disobey, repent. Teach what you have learned to others.

Last: be utterly serious about maintaining a bond between yourself and God. Keep your end of the bargain.

One Comment
  1. This is a great reminder to us, to keep our bond with God strong. We do this by maintaining a prayer life and study life which brings us closer to God.

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