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August 9, 2013

Text:  “How many are my  iniquities and my sins? Make me know my transgression and my sin.”  Job 13:23

Job sat on the town trash heap, nursing his misfortunes and brooding his seeming estrangement from God. There he was  joined by three old friends, Eliphaz, Bildad, and Zophar. A dialogue ensued in which the three friends accused Job of sinning against God. This, they said, was the reason for his loss of prosperity and affliction of his body. Job staunchly denied these charges and declared himself righteous.

Job insists that he wants to argue his case with God. (Job 13:3b)  In our text Job asks for an accounting of his  sins.  “What are the charges against me?”, he asks. “Show me.”, he insists.

Would you request God to expose all your sins? Could you face Him or people you know if your sins were published?   In the book of Revelation chapters five and six John  writes of the opening of the seven seals. John  sees all the kings and great ones of the earth trying to escape judgment. They cry out to the mountains and rocks, “Fall on us and hide us from the face of him who is seated on the throne…” Revelation 6:16 Indeed, “It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.” Hebrews 10:31

Evasions, excuses, and denials would be in the gazillions. One might seek to evade judgement by disavowing  the reality of sin. Another would grovel in his shame and denial.  Yet another would cower and plead his own self-induced forgetfulness.  Many would try to play the card of self-righteousness.

Fellow Christians, what are we to do with this oppressive burden of sin?  The truth is, sin is universal: “for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” Romans 3:23  Transgression against God and his laws is very seriousFirst, recognize you sins and guilt. Next, admit themRepent and quit them with godly sorrow. Bear you own responsibilities. Your guilt will not disappear. You will be culpable for your sins here and carry them to the judgment. Remember what Moses told the Reubenites and  Gadites  “…be sure your sins will find you out.” Numbers 32:23

Should we know all of our own sins and contemplate  their effect on our lives, both earthly and heavenly? Absolutely!  Though we might cringe at the prospect, we need to know what our sins are and plan how to attack them.  Confess them to God honestly. Learn to say no to temptation, and mean it. Cut your ties to sin and those who entice you to sinful activities. How many sins will God tolerate in you? How many will you tolerate in yourself?

The remainder of this article I must attribute to Daniel Howell via the blog InGodsImage. To read the entirety of Howell’s article,  see  www.ingod’ .  (blog date: Aug. 8, 2013) The name of the article is The “I Don’t Care” Behind My Sin.

“I don’t care! I don’t care what this is doing to my God-given mind. I don’t care about the toll this will take on my soul. I don’t care what my wife would think. I don’t care about the lies. I don’t care about my Creator’s expectations. I. Don’t. Care.”  The tipping point, whatever the sin, is arrogance.

The tipping point, whatever the sin, is arrogance. Arrogance derives from the Latin arrogāre, which means “to claim as one’s own.” When I sin, I shortsightedly lay claim over territory to which I have no right. In arrogance I proclaim:

  • “I have the right to disregard God’s wisdom and warnings.”
  • “I have the right to look at this person’s nakedness.”
  • “I have the right to sex before marriage.”
  • “I have the right to another person’s spouse.”
  • “I have the right to use my mind as a harbor for impure thoughts.”
  • “I have the right to destroy her reputation.”
  • “I have the right to explode in a fit of anger.”
  • “I have the right to take it if I want it.”
  • “I have the right to say what I want to say when I want to say it.”
  • “I have the right to create a wedge of division.”
  • “I have the right to supplant God as Ruler in my heart.”

“I. Don’t. Care. I. Have. The. Right.” This is the Satan-shaped slogan of sin.

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